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KOVA  is a privately owned, fully integrated real estate firm and real estate investment fund manager. KOVA  and/or its affiliates are engaged in the development, financing, investment, managing, and leasing of a wide array of real estate investment products and services.


We embrace a conservative investment philosophy, as well as one that favors quality over quantity. These guiding philosophies help us achieve our two most important objectives: preserving capital and producing steady income for the long term. Client satisfaction and sustainability are at the core of our mission, which is to be the most trusted provider of development, advisory and real estate services to our clients, while generating long term benefits for our shareholders.

The KOVA Promise

To Our Tenants: We shall provide a conducive atmosphere and environment to conduct business in a manner that coincides with our core values.

To Our Investors: We shall provide superior risk-adjusted returns by the art of the deal with the discipline of process-driven expectations.

To Our Service Providers: We shall treat them as an extension of the KOVA family in sharing and being treated as pursuant to our core values.

To Our Employees: We shall provide the tools and resources necessary in order to be successful.

To Our Owners and Partners: We are driven in our operations to provide all employees, partners and owners with superior profit from operations and returns from investment.




KOVA Partners conducts its business on the basis of clearly defined business principles. In all our activities, we carefully weigh the interests of our stakeholders: clients, shareholders, employees, business partners and society at large, before making decisions. We pride ourselves on a longstanding culture of accountability, integrity and ethical business practice.

Guided by KOVA Partners

In pursuing sustainable growth and managing for value, we aim to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We are part of KOVA and as such, comply with the KOVA Business Principles, which define the standards of behavior required by all KOVA employees as well as our commitments toward key stakeholders.


Our Clients

Delivering outstanding client service is one of our key goals, and we believe that establishing trust is central to successful and lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore, we approach our client relationships with a focus on understanding and responding to client needs, delivering on our promises, increasing accessibility to our team and consistently providing fair treatment to all clients.

We Are An Entrepreneurial-Driven Company

Our growth is dependent upon us, so we are always working to foster that growth by embracing change, challenging norms, and seizing new opportunities. We pride ourselves on this forward-thinking approach, because it enables us to consistently deliver creative, innovative solutions to our clients and stakeholders for the seemingly impossible, time after time.



Our Purpose

To invest nationally in talent and real estate ideas, creating value and enabling our stakeholders to flourish.

Our Mission

To create a sustainable national business that accesses capital and invests in attractive real estate strategies for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Our Values

We will:

  • Respect the dignity of every individual.
  • Honor truth.
  • Value our tradition to serve.
  • Champion a long-term perspective.
  • Develop people and foster teamwork.
  • Encourage faithful stewardship.

Our Organizing Principles

  • We value quality over quantity.
  • We believe relationships transcend transactions.
  • We protect the downside.
  • We focus on underserved, undercapitalized markets


Our vision is to be the preferred place to work, partner, invest and innovate. We attribute our longstanding and future success to:

Our Investment Management

We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity, morals, and ethical standards and seek to continually examine and improve ourselves in order to be the best we can be. We will implement those characteristics in the investment strategies, which will span the risk/return spectrum, from core to opportunistic, and include a diversified portfolio of investments that are structured by property type and region. We create investment options to meet our clients’ long-range objectives, enabling investors to strategically diversify their portfolios at every stage of the economic cycle.

Our Management Approach

The primary mission of the investment manager is to achieve the investment objectives, particularly its target performance. The foundation of our approach is the in-depth research of our Research and Strategy Team. This team uses top-down research to develop portfolio strategy and identify target markets, while using bottom-up research to integrate local market analyses into each investment decision.

Our Cycle-Tested Real Estate Expertise

In the 25+ year evolution of KOVA and its affiliates from a regional developer to a fully integrated real estate firm and discretionary investment and asset manager, KOVA has developed a strong foundation of extensive, seasoned operating experience that includes, but is not limited to, real estate activity from acquisition, development, leasing, repositioning, management and finance to disposition. It is this multi-disciplined expertise developed over numerous economic cycles that has enabled KOVA to consistently generate above-market returns for investors.